Valentyna's testimony

« Hi, it’s Valentyna here. I live in Warsaw. I work in banking and I’m Ukrainian myself. So, I’m here today to share with you my experience of working with Blaise. So, I met Blaise in Varkala, right here, South India where we stayed in the same ayurvedic center. I had a chance to communicate with him quite sometimes and he gave me two treatment sessions. 

The reason why I came to India is because I’m looking for some positive changing in my life and also I had some immunity problems that’s why Blaise offered me his help. 

So, my impression is that Blaise seems to have a very good ability to understand what’s going on with your body and your mind. He can communicate to you how to keep the good track in your life. and by communicate, I mean obviously he talk to you. You can ask questions, he gives you some practical advices witch you can implement in your life to get a better quality. 

But also, I have the feeling that the main work happens on a non-verbal level. I’m not a specialist in this field so I can only tell my feeling that somehow he helps you understand where to move in your life, to be a healthy person and a happy person. 

So, to conclude, I think that in the time of some physical hillness or mental frustration, discomfort, I truly believe that Blaise can be a good person who can help you in this situations. 

So, take care and thanks for watching. Bye. »